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The Deer Lake Regional Airport Authority is committed to playing its part in a barrier free, inclusive, works for everyone travel experience. We believe that an airport facility should provide a dignified, fair, and respectful experience for persons with disabilities. As a federal transportation service provider, the Deer Lake Regional Airport Authority is subject to the Accessible Transportation for Persons with Disabilities regulations (ATDPR) Part one and Part four. For more information about ATDPR, click here.

We welcome your feedback on our infrastructure’s accessibility and accessibility plan as we continue to make improvements for a facility that works for everyone.

Accesibility Plan 2024-2026

As part of our commitment to accessibility and continuous improvements, we welcome your feedback on our Accessibility Plan 2024-2026. Help us identify, remove and further prevent accessibility barriers at Deer Lake Regional Airport by providing your feedback here. If you have any technical issues or if you would like to review or provide feedback in an alternate format, please contact the Airport at or 709-635-3601.

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Getting To and From YDF

Ground Transportation

At the Deer Lake Regional Airport, the primary taxi service provider is STAR TAXI. They provide taxi services to all areas of the region and operate a shuttle service to nearby Corner Brook. They provide accessibility services including wheelchair accessible vans and can accommodate service dogs and mobility aids. We recommend contacting Star Taxi 24 to 48 hours prior to arrival at (709) 634-4343

All ground transportation licensees are required in their contractual agreements to comply with accessible fleet options. For more on ground transportation at the Deer Lake Regional Airport, please click here.


At the Deer Lake Regional Airport, there are multiple dedicated accessible parking spaces in each of our parking lots. Please ensure your valid accessible parking permit is visible in your vehicles front windshield. There is also a dedicated accessible parking space directly in front of the departures door in the departures lane. Please note that this space if for drop off and go only and vehicles are not to be left unattended.

There is also a curbside assistance button located on the departures entrance pillar for further terminal assistance for persons with disabilities.

Rental Cars

There are five rental car agencies located at the Deer Lake Regional Airport with vehicles available for persons with disabilities, equipped with hand control systems. These rental car providers try to do everything they can to accommodate our customers & get a vehicle that is both safe & comfortable for each passenger’s journey.  When making a reservation, please provide 48 hours’ notice for a vehicle equipped with hand controls to ensure availability that meets your needs.

Airline Accessibility

Please ensure you review your airline’s check-in and boarding time recommendations for your flight.

The airlines will be happy to provide assistance for all you terminal needs, from arrival, check-in counter, security screening, pre boarding, right until you’re settled on the aircraft, as well as baggage claim. You will be met with the same level of service as well once you board the aircraft. Storage of mobility aids is also available. We recommend advising your air carrier at time of booking of any level of assistance required, with at minimum of 48 hours notice prior to departure.

Terminal Accessibility

Accessible Seating

Throughout our terminal you’ll find accessible seating identified with the for all passengers and visitors in all designated seating areas.


Wheelchairs are available at each airline for passenger use. Please inform your air carrier at time of booking to request wheelchair or escort services and an airline agent will ensure your safe travels for each step of your travel journal at the Deer Lake Regional Airport from arrival/departure to the terminal, check in counter, security and boarding/disembarking, and baggage claim.

Wheelchairs are available at the departures entrance and accessible to all public

TTY (Telecommunication Device for the Deaf) Payphones

Payphones are available at our terminal between check in counters and security screening, as well as in our secure departure hold room.


In the event of an emergency, passengers and the travelling public can be paged through the public address system in the Airport Terminal. To have someone paged, get in touch with Airport Security at (709) 636-2504.

Curbside Assistance and Arrivals

Curbside Assistance is available through our intercom system located outside the departures entrance or by calling us at (709) 636-2504. There is a dedicated accessible drop-off/loading zone outside the airport, and there are automatic doors at arrival and departure to facilitate ease of passengers entering and exiting the terminal.


Colour contrast signage throughout the terminal is places in glare-free areas, and includes braille for the visually impaired

Water Bottle Fill Stations

Our water bottle fill stations are mounted at a height to be accessible for all users


Public Washrooms and Family wash-style washrooms at the Deer Lake Regional Airport are located both outside the CATSA screening area and in the departures lounge. Public washrooms are equipped with accessible stalls, and family-style washrooms with required clearances and emergency call buttons.

First Aid

Airport Security are fully qualified and trained to administer first aid. The airport has a defibrillator on site and qualified personnel are available to respond.

Service Animals and Pet Relief Areas

Service animals and guide dogs are welcomed in our Airport Terminal. The Deer Lake Regional Airport has a dedicated pet relief area located immediately outside the arrivals door, located on the East end of the terminal. There is also a dedicated pet relief area in the secure hold room, between Gate 1 and Gate 2. We ask that if the relief areas are used, that pet’s waste be disposed of in the trash cans available at these locations

Feedback and Complaint Provision

As part of our commitment, we strive for continuous improvements to our Airport’s facilities and it’s role in providing a barrier-free and safe travel journey. We encourage any feedback, comments, or complaints to be submitted by the options below and we will get back to you as soon as possible:

    Deer Lake Regional Airport Authority

    Contact Information

    1 Airport Road, Suite 1,
    Deer Lake, NL